Mission Statement:

The mission of Pinup Industry magazine is to elevate the businesses of pinup artists and professionals by informing, inspiring, promoting and publicizing their activities, products, services, and achievements.


Pinup Industry believes that its mission is best achieved by . . .

  • Drawing from the diverse talents and knowledge of the industry
  • Sharing challenges and opportunities between the industry members
  • Promoting the pinup industry worldwide using the power of technology
  • Increasing the customer base by offering a large and diverse mix of products and services
  • Providing a resource base for advertisers to offer products and services that enhance the experience of the industry’s professionals
  • Increasing the acceptance and impact of the industry through education


Pinup Industry operates on the principles of high moral standards, continuous life-long learning, and mutual support. We believe that the power of art in its various forms is a major positive influence on the human race. We believe that when properly used, the talents of our readers are life-changing and life-enhancing. We encourage members of the industry to show and be their best, open their hearts and minds to others, and share in the rewards and potential of a world-wide audience.

Acceptable Standards:

While artists are free to create and record as their minds and hearts move them, by representing people of various cultures, classes, and beliefs, Pinup Industry insists on a high moral benchmark. Your conscience is your guide, but in consideration of all, Pinup Industry’s board of directors ultimately must determine what is reasonable and acceptable.

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